The Queen and the Doctor

I promise I didn’t disappear. And I promise that I’ve been sewing. Actually, I’ve been pretty busy getting things done, so I have a backlog of posts to make about so many different projects I’ve been working on.

But these projects are pretty special so they require a post before any other projects I talk about.

Last year was my first time attending Emerald City Comic Con with one of my dear friends. We dressed as characters from the show Firefly, specifically from the episode, “Shindig”: her, Inara; me, Kaylee. We’re going again this year, but for two days, since we had a good time last year, that we would go for another day this year.

We each picked a theme for our costumes: she picked Doctor Who, and I originally picked Padme from Star Wars, however after looking at the headpiece I’d have to make to go with her blue senate gown, I decided that I didn’t want the stress of figuring out how to make that work. My friend suggest doing Alice in Wonderland for another time, and so I fell back on that. Since she wanted to make an Alice costume, I decided to go as Queen of Hearts.

Queen of Hearts
Fourth Doctor

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