Doctor Who-Along for 2016

A while ago, probably while I was researching paper-piecing for my brother’s wedding quilt (yes, I have yet to post about that, too!), I found a bunch of Doctor Who themed paper-pieced blocks on Craftsy, and shared it with some of my crafting friends. Well, I decided that in 2016, we’d do a Doctor Who-Along for these blocks so that at the very least, I can finally make them!

If you’d like to join me in this activity next year, here is a tutorial on paper-piecing if you don’t already know how to do it. Once you have the second piece sewn to the paper, it’ll make sense and be so easy as you continue.

Every three weeks, I’ll aim to finish a block. There’s 20 blocks in all, so this will carry me into 2017, too. Here’s the schedule I’m planning to follow, and I’ll be sure to make a post after each block I make. Please share yours with me!

Block 1: TARDIS

Complete by January 16, 2016


Block 2: Timelord

Complete by February 6, 2016


Block 3: K-9

Complete by February 27, 2016


Block 4: Madame Pompadour

Complete by March 19, 2016


Block 5: Bad Wolf

Complete by April 9, 2016


Block 6: Werewolf

Complete by April 30, 2016


Block 7: Sonic Screwdriver

Complete by May 21, 2016


Block 8: Weeping Angel

Complete by June 11, 2016


Block 9: Cyberman

Complete by July 2, 2016


Block 10: Dalek

Complete by July 23, 2016


Block 11: Scarf

Complete by August 13, 2016


Block 12: Gallifrey

Complete by September 3, 2016


Block 13: The Ood

Complete by September 24, 2016


Block 14: Hello Sweetie

Complete by October 15, 2016


Block 15: River’s Diary

Complete by November 5, 2016


Block 16: Vashta Nerada

Complete by November 26, 2016


Block 17: Crack in Time

Complete by December 17, 2016


Block 18: Chameleon Arch

Complete by January 7, 2017


Block 19: Power of Three

Complete by January 28, 2017


Block 20: TARDIS Flight

Complete by February 18, 2017

Oh, and here’s a Flickr album of the Doctor Who-Along the designer of these blocks held.

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