Pink for My Nephew and Niece


My nephew and niece, happily wearing the clothes I sewed for them

I had some fabric I didn’t end up using for my ECCC costume, and since it was polyester satin, I figured a good use for it would be for some kid’s clothes. I have an adorable nephew and two adorable nieces, and they seem to enjoy the color pink (although, my sister-in-law tells me that the favorite color right now is purple), so guess who I ended up making some clothes for? I didn’t have enough for all the kids, so only the two oldest received something, for now.


I used two McCall’s patterns (McCall’s 6548 and McCall’s 6018) for the outfits. The boy’s pattern was a little hard to find, since it seemed to be pretty popular. I got it in two sizes so I could have the option to make my nephew something cool as he grows up. The girl’s dress could be handed down to my younger niece, and also I can reuse the pattern for other dresses for either of the girls later. Since I used polyester, I threw it all in the wash to verify that the clothes could be easily machine washed.

I put my nephew’s shirt together first, which was pretty easy compared to shirts I’ve done for my husband in the past. A lot of the pattern pieces that would normally be separate on menswear, were all one piece, and just folded over (like the button placket). Short sleeves meant no cuff to fuss with, either. And I decided on contrasting buttons, to make it more fun. When I was done with it, I thought that if I did some color blocking with black satin down the front, it would have looked a little like a bowling shirt, and that was kind of cool.

My niece’s dress was a little more effort. There’s some tulle sewed on the inside of the skirt to give it some body, and a billion pleats (inside on the lining and outside on the skirt and straps) to sew, too.


It kind of felt like something I would sew for myself, on a smaller scale. There was a little bit of hand-sewing: the inside lining and I sewed the ribbon down along the waist to keep it in place. And the flower was store bought that was attached to a safety pin to easily remove from the dress.

The nice thing about kids’ clothes is that it sews up pretty quick, and doesn’t require a lot of yardage. Definitely good for stash-busting if you have little yardage you want to use but don’t know what to use it on.


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