Richard’s Winter Coat


I also called this his “$1000 Coat”. No, this didn’t actually cost me $1000 to make, but if I were to buy it in the store, it would probably cost nearly that much, if not more, depending on who the designer was on the label. This coat was supposed to be made last year, but I got busy, I think, I can’t remember, but by the time I was ready to make it, it was the cusp of spring, and who needs a warm, wool winter coat in rainy Seattle spring weather?

Given when my last blog post was, this project has taken a bit longer than most of my projects, but that’s to be expected with a well-tailored coat like this (Vogue 8940) that contains fifty-billion pattern pieces (okay, maybe not that many, but it was probably around 20). But it was all worth it, and learned a couple things from it.

I let my husband pick out the fabric for his coat. I ordered a handful of blue and black and even green wool swatches from Mood Fabrics a while ago, and he ended up going with this small herringbone pattern. I was a little worried it might look “too mature” for him, but it turned out really nice, almost a heathered-grey, from a distance. The lining I used is a flannel-backed lining, to give him another layer of warmth.


Sleeve cap close-up

This pattern is fairly complex, as it should be. There are many pattern pieces and techniques used in creating this coat, but it’s all worth it. As much as I dislike “wasting” my time basting, followed all the directions for basting and whatnot. There might be a few stray pink threads here and there from leftover basting thread, but the end product was pretty amazing. I had a minor mishap with the interior welt pockets (not pictured, for good reason). I’ve done welt pockets before (for the pants I made him last year), so I had no excuse for royally messing it up. However, the pockets work, even if they’re not pretty, and I even ran my error by my husband and he was okay with the outcome (he didn’t understand what was so bad about them).


Outer pocket

If you’re in the mood for making a designer-worthy, dapper-looking winter coat, I highly recommend this pattern. The entire process is long, but definitely worth it in the end (even all the hand-stitching!)



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