“Put Some Birds on It” Purse

Anna bag

I think the Anna bag has been sitting in my project queue for two or three years, but I finally finished it! I had to push myself to swing by the quilt shop (which is a couple blocks down the street from my office) to pick up the rest of my supplies to finish it.

Side view

Making the Star Wars laptop bag helped me to get over my fear of rectangles (I know, silly, right?) so the Anna bag, with a proper pattern and instructions should be a snap, right? It pretty much was. When I took Cheryl Kuzeck’s class at Sew Expo a couple years ago (whenever it was that I fell in love with the bag and bought the pattern), she made sure to point out a couple things that stuck with me while I was planning to make the bag.

Pockets on the inside

First, use a hard interfacing to give the bag  the ability to stand up on it’s own. There are many products out there that can accomplish this task, but for this, I used Timtex’s Fast2Fuse heavyweight interfacing (available at Quiltworks Northwest if you’re in the Seattle/Bellevue area). If you’re not going for a slouchy look, it really gives your purse a very professional touch.

Second, she suggested putting iron-on clear vinyl over the bottom section of the purse (not pictured, sorry!) I read some reviews on iron-on vinyl awhile ago, where some user’s said that it made their fabric look blurry or foggy beneath the vinyl, but that wasn’t my experience. If I was smarter and remember to take a picture, I would show you, but it really just looks like a plastic overlay on top of your fabric. The reason for doing this is because the bottom of a purse is probably the dirtiest place on a purse (we put them on the floor at restaurants, park benches, and other places of questionable cleanliness). Why not protect the bottom of your purse by adding a layer of clear vinyl to it?

Buttons close-up

Other details she designed in the bag were buttons to attach the handles and to hold the tab that gathers up the sides. I found these adorable buttons on Etsy from Buttons by Robin. She’s got all types of buttons on her site (mostly geared towards kids’ garments/projects), but I would totally use them again for another project. Also, the trim around the edge is left over silk (yes, real silk) dupioni I had previously used to make a belt for the watercolor bird dress I made. It matched perfect, so I decided to use it instead of buying some ribbon just for this project.

I’m so happy to finally have finished this project. I’ll have to make a couple pouches for my purse to store my lady things and phone charger/headphones in so the cats don’t dig them out of my purse to chew them up.

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