Star Wars Laptop Bag

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while, but my fear of not working with a pattern prevented me from doing so. I’ve had my little Lenovo laptop for about a year now, and while I do travel with it, it’s usually stuffed in my knitting bag or my purse, all while hoping that it won’t get scratched up. Well, now my worries are over!

Star Wars laptop bag


I used this tutorial available from The Mother Huddle, with some modifications, and I used some left over fat quarters I got in a pack when I made the Star Wars baby quilt¬†from Camelot Cottons. The bottom panel reads right-side up on both sides of the bag, and since it’s a little larger, the schematic drawings panels are a little smaller than the tutorial suggests (which is too bad, because that fabric is pretty cool, so I had to pick and choose which schematics I wanted to show).

Velco pockets


The other alterations that I made were putting side pockets on the inside in order to hold the power pack for the laptop and added velcro to keep the pockets closed (so I don’t try to accidentally slide the laptop into a pocket instead of the main part of the bag); and I also added a zipper to the top of the bag. That was a bit tricky, and my top-stitching around the bag is pretty horrid in parts because of the zipper stops, but I can live with it. Thankfully, my top-stitch thread is black, and the majority of the bag is black, so unless you’re looking closely, it’s not noticeable.

Lenovo in bag


It’s not a super snug fit (I used her measurements for the MacBook since my Lenovo and the MacBook have similar measurements), but it’s not sliding around inside the bag. Plus, I needed to make sure there was enough room for the power pack and maybe other random stuff I stuff in the pockets.

So if you’re looking for a handy sleeve/bag for your laptop, this is a pretty solid tutorial and I finally got over my fear of sewing together rectangles without a pattern. :)

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