Sew Expo 2014

This year, I didn’t attend ANY classes. I know! I was surprised, too. I kept it pretty low-key this year and took in the fashion shows and shopping instead.

Bright and early, my friend, Roxanne and I headed to the first fashion show that was of the Tilton sister’s (Katherine and Marcy). We were a bit early, but took the opportunity for a selfie.

Me and Roxanne

The Tilton sisters produce a lot of patterns for Butterick and Vogue. Their show even included a few pieces by Gertie and Sandra Betzina. Marcy posted a newsletter of many of the styles they showed in their fashion show if you want to check it out.  It was fun to see a couple patterns I have in my stash made into garments in person, and I now have a new list of patterns that I’ve added to my shopping list.

Tilton Fashion Show

At the end of their show, they remarked on how, traditionally, fashion shows end with a bride. Here, they put a twist on it by showing bridal fashion made up with this fun “camo” print. There wasn’t too much from this collection that was my taste, but I found a few patterns I liked. Also, they sell a lot of the fabrics they use, and they had used a really neat digitally printed denim for a pair of jeans. It was so neat, but alas, the panels were a little out of my budget. I might have to buy some fabric from the gals in the future as a treat.

After the show, we went downstairs to do some shopping until the next show started. We browsed the booths, and I had to talk myself out of seriously considering buying yarn at the SewExpo; after all, my spending budget was for fabric!

Roxanne and I discovered Billie’s Designer Fabrics’ booth and we bought some yards there.

Cotton Lawn

I picked up three yards of this cotton lawn–not sure who the designer is. It’s a very lightweight, flowy cotton, that would be perfect for a spring/summer dress, and in a perfect Seattle grey-blue.

Cotton Borderprint

Yay! A border print! This fabric is ridiculously stiff so I’m going to have to find a way to soften it up in case a quick wash doesn’t do the trick. Roxanne and I bought the same amount of yardage, so I told her we should challenge each other to make something awesome with it. Of course, knowing that we have similar tastes, we might end up making the same dress with it.

After a bit of shopping and a quick drink, we went back upstairs to watch another fashion show by Marta Alto and Pati Palmer (of “Fit for Real People” fame). But before sitting down, I swear Nancy Zieman walked past us. I should have geeked out like a fangirl and insisted on a picture with her. But I kept my cool and didn’t say anything. Anyhow, during the fashion show, they showed many, MANY pieces from McCall’s, Vogue, and Butterick, and like the first one, it was fun to see new designs and a couple I had in my stash already.

We went over to the Showplex after the fashion show for lunch and some quick shopping before the last fashion show. There was a cute antique booth where I found this pelican sewing set. So cute!

Vintage Pelican Sewing Sew

The last fashion show we visited was for Simplicity. Amazingly, I didn’t have any of these in my collection, nor any of them on my wishlist, but I did fill up my wishlist afterwards. They’ve been starting to republish some of their vintage patterns from the 50’s; I’m pretty excited about those designs!

Lastly, we went back to the Showplex, checked out the rest of it we didn’t look at during lunch, and then hit up the Vogue Fabrics booth(s). It was as massive and chaotic as it has been in years past, but with some great finds. I’m not big on sewing with polyester, but these two fabrics were only $4/yd, so I can be a bit more adventurous with them:

Poly something

This was some kind of poly… something. It’s very soft, with a nice drape, and light-weight. I think it would make a great vintage look.

Poly crepe

This was a fun, floral print poly crepe. Maybe another vintage look with this, but definitely something spring/summerish.

I’m glad I didn’t take any classes this year, and it was a lot of fun going with Roxanne, especially since this was her first time here. If you want to go next year, save the date for February 25-March 1, 2015 at the SewExpo!

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