“Vintage” Wrap Dress Muslin

Since it’s hovering around freezeing temperatures in Seattle, what better time to make a wool dress?

This is Gertie’s vintage inspired wrap dress, published by Butterick. I bought some wool and gabardine for this project from Mood a little while ago, so I didn’t want to start cutting into that until I had made a proper muslin. I finished the muslin last night and I’m mostly happy with it.

Front view

Front view

Ignore the crease that looks like it should be the waistline, because it’s not. I just didn’t do a very good job ironing out the wrinkles and creases in my muslin fabric. I didn’t follow Lynda Maynard’s technique with the lines (tsk, tsk, I know), but I had my husband assess the back for bagginess, which he said there was none (it didn’t look that way in the mirror when I tried it on, but it’s good to have a second opinion from someone who can actually see your back without you twisting to look in the mirror). So now I’m questioning whether my short waist really is THAT (3.5cm) short. I guess it’ll require a few more muslins to be sure.

Regardless of my short waist or not, the fit was pretty comfortable. What wasn’t okay was that the bust darts (and there’s four of them) go up and over my bust point by a couple of inches. Yikes! So, my plan will be to mark the waist point on the dress, make sure it’s where my waist is (and adjust where necessary), like I should have done in the beginning. Then, shorten the bust darts so they’re not going up and over my bust point.

Guess this is a good lesson on not skipping steps, too :)

Back view

Back view

I’m super excited to start this dress, but I want to make sure I achieve the right fit for this, because, this is why I sew :)

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2 thoughts on ““Vintage” Wrap Dress Muslin

  1. Yay! I remember when you purchased the wool and talked about his pattern. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I have been working on a few fitting issues lately and wondering if we should do a fitting get together again sometime and everyone can bring a project that they need help with. Maybe after Amy has the baby.
    I am on love with your background behind the dress form! The quilt turned out really beautiful.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Yeah, I could probably use another fit session, and by the time Amy has her baby, I’ll probably working on Gertie’s shelf-bust dress (which I’ve also heard is a bit of a pain to fit), so that will be good timing. :)

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