Made It Monday: Tappan Zee Cardigan


Yep, I’ve been lazy again. In fact, this is the worst laziness, because I actually finished this cardigan a couple weeks ago, and still haven’t blocked it or looked for buttons for it. I misplaced my “sewing mojo” somewhere, and even put aside a lace shawl I started knitting (and instead, took up knitting some socks for myself, because it felt like it would be easier). And look, I’m even cutting it close by not finishing this blog post until late Monday.

Oh well. I’m sure everyone gets off their game once in a while. (Kind of like the Seahawks were tonight).

Anyhow, I finished that cardigan! Yay! I still need to block it, so I made it look as nice as I could over the bird dress. I’ll have to try it on with the bird dress to see if I like it with it.

This might have been a faster knit if I didn’t get so bored with the 10.5″ (should have been 11″, but I didn’t know if I had enough yarn for another 0.5″) of stockinette stitch… that wasn’t in the round. It was definitely an easy knit, as the sleeves didn’t need to be sewn to the body, and it was all one piece. It was good for my second knitted garment. I think next, I’ll do a proper knitted pullover/sweater/jumper (depending on what you call it in your part of the world). And then I’ll tackle some fair isle! Weeeeeeee!


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