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Last weekend, during the Seahawk’s defeat against the Colts, my husband and I made a trek back to my childhood hometown to pick up some Burda Style magazines from the library. Only three of the libraries carry the magazine in their periodicals: one of them had all theirs checked out, the other ones were close enough to each other, so we went to the library I knew.

I recently discovered that some of the Burda patterns I had bookmarked on their website existed in some of the magazines, so I didn’t have to pay for them. Yay! Also, my husband got me a subscription of the magazine for our anniversary, so I have a lot of new patterns to look forward to.

The Burda Style magazine looks a lot like any other fashion magazine: the collections are arranged well, each look is arranged in an editorial way, and the accessories are listed. Then on the inside of the magazine, there’s the patterns and instructions (you can also download the instructions from the website too). In the instructions, the various sizes are listed, and it tells you which page of the pattern sheet, which pieces, and what color to look for. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect when you’re tracing your patterns from the magazine.

Burda tracing

I think I got a little motion sick the first time I started working with the patterns. It’s important to pay attention to the sizing on the pattern. I ended up tracing one of the patterns a size smaller than I wanted to, but it was for a knit design, so I don’t think it will matter too much. I’m also using a high-quality tracing paper I got from Michael’s, so the Sharpie doesn’t bleed through onto the pattern page.

As of right now, I have about four more patterns to copy. I have a week left on my check-outs, so I have plenty of time to finish up. I’m pretty excited about getting some free patterns. :)


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7 thoughts on “Trace Trace Trace

    • It’s a little challenging, but free patterns from the library! Bothell, Burien, and White Center are the only KCLS libraries that have them. Bothell had all their’s checked out last time I looked, but you could pick them up there :)

  1. LOL. I have a few Burda magazines and the pattern pages are like a bad acid trip. The thing I don’t like about the magazine compared to the bought individual patterns is the lack of any diagrams or pictures. They only have one pattern per magazine that is the ‘feature’ pattern where they provide pictures and step by step instructions. I am a visual learner, so since I don’t have a tonne of experience, the brief steps in the magazine are usually not enough for me. Let me know when you are done and what you are going to make from them! Maybe I’ll make the same thing, so if I have any questions, I can ask you. :)

    • LOL! If I ever want to experience a bad acid trip, I’ll be sure to stare at the Burda tracing sheet again 😛 I’m also a visual learner, but after not looking at the pattern instructions of the last couple of patterns I’ve sewn from, I think I can probably challenge myself with the Burda patterns.

      Here’s the list of the ones I traced. I’m thinking about a sweater dress out of the knit dress pattern. Let me know what you think :) Maybe we can do a mini sew-along :)

      BurdaStyle 11/2012 #136
      BurdaStyle 11/2012 #107
      BurdaStyle 2/2013 #153
      BurdaStyle 2/2013 #126, 127, 128
      BurdaStyle 9/2013 #123
      BurdaStyle 3/2013 #107
      BurdaStyle 3/2013 #131, 132
      BurdaStyle 4/2013 #106, 107

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