Nerding Out and Block #16

I recently had a smidgen of down-time at work due to the holiday that just occurred, so I took some advice my lead gave our team a while back and borrowed a copy of “C# in Depth” by Jon Skeet from a co-worker and started reading. (For those of you just tuning in, I’m a software developer by profession.)

Since I need a little bit of wait time (for some reason, I cannot start using my recently-fused applique pieces without the fusing removing itself from the fabric when I take the paper backing off, so I need to give it a little bit of time to “rest”) and I wanted to read the book rather quickly, I gave myself some added pressure to the 10 Quilt Block Deadline I have by December 15: read a chapter of the aforementioned book between each quilt block (well, more like finish half a block and start half a block).

So far, I’m halfway through the fourth chapter after I finished fusing the applique pieces to Block #16. You can see from the pattern on the right that there will be a lot of embellishments from the stitching mom will do when I give her this. So the count now is three blocks done, seven to go in 20 days. Even with the reading (should make it through two-thirds of the book by the time I finish the blocks), I WILL have the blocks done in time!

Also, I have yarn arriving on Tuesday for my First Knitting Project Ever and my very own copy of “C# in Depth” should be arriving then too! Two packages will make this nerdy-crafty girl happy :)

Completed applique on Block #16

Completed applique on Block #16


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W is for Wren: In Progress

I have 10 blocks remaining in the “U is for Unicorn” quilt I’ve been working on with my mom. My personal goal is to have all 10 of them done by December 15, so I can give them to her before they move.

I think I can do it.

Also, I misplaced my camera, so the iPhone camera will have to do for now.


Quilt Block in Progress

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Call Me “Slacker”

My parents are moving… far away and out-of-state.

And because of this, a few things are going on in my crafting world:

First of all, they’re cleaning out their house, which means finding lots of old treasures from my childhood and returning them to me so I can figure out what to do with them (clean them up and sell them or store them). Unfortunately, these “treasures” are taking over the room I use for crafting, so I haven’t been able to work effectively in there (which is why I’ve been slacking on blogging). Secondly, I have need to learn the basics of yarn crafts so I can understand it before mom (a.k.a. The Master Knitter) leaves. This is what prompted my interest in crocheting.

I managed to finish the bulk of the cowl (the double crochet bulk, that is) during the East Coast trip my husband and I took shortly before Hurricane Sandy hit there. The hard part was decreasing back down to single crochet stitches, as my tensions was horribly tight, making it difficult to start a new round. I was able to spend a lunchtime with a co-worker who lent me the use of her K hook to get started. That helped out a LOT to get the first round of single crochet stitches completed. I finished the rest of the round with the J hook and stalled on finishing the project because I was unsure of how to tie off the ends of the yarn.

A couple weeks went by and recently, after cleaning up my craft room and remembering that I have that project to finish. Mildly beating myself up for being silly with the procrastination, I sat down and watched a couple of my DVR’d shows and wove in the ends of the yarn. Weeee! Done! It fits, it feels nice, and I can wear it around work when I’m freezing in my office without having the ends of a giant scarf trailing all over the place!

Completed Breda's Cowl

Completed Breda’s Cowl

The colors I choose do bear a striking resemblance to that of Seattle’s FC Soccer and NFL teams, butttttttt… it was completely unintentional!

Now, I need to learn to knit, and I’ll at least have those under my belt for future use.

Oh, and thirdly, since mom is moving, I need to finish the Unicorn quilt that we are working on together so I don’t have to mail her blocks when they move away. Sewing is going to have to take a backseat until I can finish my last 10 blocks.

And yes, I will make a post shortly about the treasures of fabric I found in NYC!


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