Defeated by Crochet, Redeemed by Quilting

I haven’t been crafting as much as I would have liked, but I started something and I finished something this past week. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same project, so…

Over the weekend, one of my girl friends came over and we watched some Audrey Hepburn and she taught me to crochet. I tried to figure some of it out on my own, but my tension was all wrong and I had no clue what I was doing. Even though I had to restart my project a couple times (and a couple more after she left), I think I have somewhat of a clue. It’s still not perfect, and despite yarn craft being “in my blood” (according to my mom), I think this is going to take a while to master.

Eventually, I’m trying to make this:

Breda's Cowl

Breda’s Cowl

I picked up some yarn from a local yarn shop–not the same kind used in the pattern, but it’s alpaca and silk and feels super nice.

Despite my defeat by crochet, I completed my niece’s quilt this weekend. My mom did a beautiful job with the quilting, and all I had to do to finish was the binding. The binding didn’t want to go on easily, since I managed to maim myself a couple times with the pins. But I finally figured out how to join the ends of the binding to make it look like one fluid piece!

Quilting by mom

Quilting by mom

It went into the mail this evening, so she’ll probably get it in a couple weeks!

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Crafting This Week


Didn’t have a whole lot of time to do anything Tuesday evening, so I didn’t. I looked at my crochet book, though.


Found sometime while tidying up to cut and sew together the binding for India’s quilt. But that’s about as far as I got before I had to tidy-up my craft room and head to bed.


I got my fabric in the mail! I ordered some lace and cotton for my first fall dress and some twill to make some slacks for Richard. I’m so excited about this lace!

This color is a very bold choice, especially with the sparkles.

This color is a very bold choice, especially with the sparkles.

It’s coral, and I got some light pink cotton for underlining/lining to make Vogue 8766.

Vogue 8766

Vogue 8766

But aside from loving on my fabric for a couple minutes, I didn’t have much time to work on anything else.


It’s hot again today. I thought it would have started cooling off around here, but apparently it was about 85 today, which means it was even hotter in the house. And I already wasn’t feeling too awesome to begin with. Bleh. So again, no actual crafting done, but I picked up working on the PatternSquirrel website. Trying to knock off a few items off my To-Do list for this application. Feel free to sign up and try it out if you haven’t already. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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Finished Yellow Sundress

Alright, it’s done! I’m happy with it, I just hope someone else will be equally happy to wear it and love it!

Yellow sundress front

Yellow sundress front

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Figure Flattery IS Important

Vogue Patterns has a handy feature one their patterns called Figure Flattery. It’s a simple chart that lists if that pattern would look good on your figure.  I fall into the “triangle” body shape (also known as “pear”).

Can you guess which figure is missing from this list?

Can you guess which figure is missing from this list?

I noticed that before I bought the pattern, but figured, “It will be alright! I should be able to fit into it just fine!”


Lesson learned: my body type is not listed for a very good reason. No pics yet, because I’m not quite finished, but I had an opportunity to try it on last night and discovered that true to the word of Figure Flattery, my upper body kind of got lost in all the fabric of the bodice. And here I was, worried about how the fabric would look against my skin tone all this time. Ha!

The only work I have left is to insert the zipper and hem the skirt, and after that, I’ll be posting the measurements of the completed project so it will be up-for-grabs for some of my “bustier” girl friends.

Aside from the disappointment of it not looking amazing on me, I’m happy with the way it’s turning out. It’s cute, and now I know I can wear yellow, even something this YELLOW.

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National Sewing Month

September marks “National Sewing Month” in the United States. As motivation to make some progress on my various projects, I’ve decided I need to do something crafty every day of this month, even if it’s as small as washing fabric for an upcoming project, or ripping out some seams. Hopefully, it will motivate me to return to multi-tasking while catching up on my DVR’d shows (such as the new season of Doctor Who). And, I’ll be making more blog posts. As much as I don’t like making posts without pictures, I probably will make a few update-like posts, similar to this one.

Today I:

  • Sewed the seams on the skirt of the Yellow Dress (next, sewing the skirt to the bodice, inserting zipper, hemming).
  • Received India’s quilted quilt from mom (next, binding and labeling).
  • Worked on the Fortunate Traveler cross-stitch.
  • Picked up a few patterns (including this gem) at Hancock Fabrics and some notions for the slacks my husband wants me to make him.
  • Thought about practicing crocheting again, then decided not to.

Now, off to work on the Yellow Dress and finish Downton Abbey Season 2!

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