Pleated, Darted, Folded Bodice Done

Last night, after a couple glasses of wine and a few episodes of original series Star Trek, I completed the bodice portion of the Cynthia Rowley dress I’m working on.

I have to say, it was pretty fun, despite my original apprehension. The instructions are pretty clear on the order of creating the pleating and darting on the bodice, and thank goodness for Wonder Clips that helped me “pin” the thick piece of elastic (that really doesn’t do anything except give some stability to the gathered band on the back of the bodice) to the rest of the fabric.

At this point, I wonder if I should have made a muslin first. Too late!

At this point, I wonder if I should have made a muslin first. Too late!

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I Haven’t Been Slacking… Really

Has it really been over a month since I completed a sewing project, let alone made a blog post at all? I assure you, I haven’t been slacking! In fact, once I put some of the security touches on my personal programming project, I’ll announce it here so that you may Beta test it. Trust me, it’s very┬árelevant┬áto sewing and crafting in general.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on Simplicity 2250. I picked up the fabric for this dress at the Vouge booth at the Sewing Expo a couple months ago, and I’ve just now gotten around to cut out all the pieces (which are many) and started sewing.

I admit, I have been procrastinating on sewing this garment (but at least the time has been spent working on my programming project) only because many of the reviews of the pattern have me a little discouraged. One mentioned that the lining for the bodice isn’t quite long enough, and I see what they mean, but maybe there’s a trick to it that will make everything work out after the skirt and the bodice are attached.

Also, my husband has gotten better at navigating JoAnn’s for me (since he works nearby one) such that he’s been able to get me more thread and the zipper I need for the dress. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel comfortable trying to get the elastic I need, so I’ll have to pick that up on my own. And since I’m missing the elastic, I’m at a bit of a stopping point.

Well, kind of.

I started working on the skirt a little bit, and since it’s a pretty lightweight cotton, I got some broadcloth to line the skirt, which made me think of how was I going to work the lining and the pockets? I decided to ignore the fact that there was lining, and sew the pockets in as normal. It’ll work out fine, I’m sure.

So here’s a progress picture of the bodice of the dress:

No, those aren't wrinkles

No, those aren't wrinkles

The top band that has the straps sewn to it isn’t yet connected to the bodice. The bodice is pretty intricate: there are two parts to the bodice and both include a variety of pleats, folds, and precisely placed darts to create a pretty neat looking design across the bodice.

I guess Cynthia Rowley original design of this dress included a bit of color blocking/contrast pieces, which looked pretty neat in some of the reviews I looked at. If I ever get around to making this dress again, I think contrast colors would be pretty fun.

In the meantime, I need to get the elastic and then I can continue on… or work on the skirt until I get the elastic.

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