And Done!: McCall’s 5717

Just minutes before church this afternoon, I finally finished my coat!

Before going to mom’s yesterday, I had to stop by JoAnn’s and get some buttons, since they were having a 50% sale on buttons.  They had three of one size, and five of another, and I needed six total.  So I got two of the larger ones for the back and four of the smaller ones for the front.  Seemed to work out fine.

At mom’s, I finally clipped all the fabric on the seams of the curves.  We also got the sleeves attached, pleats folded into the upper collar, button holes made, lining attached to the outside of the coat, and the ruffle done (I should have brought my clear elastic and done that the easy way).  Obviously, you can see that we did not put the piping in, unfortunately.  By the time we were ready to attach the lining to the rest of the coat, we realized we should have put the piping in along the collar.  We would have taken out a bunch of sewing that was already done, and that would have set us back a couple hours.  Maybe I’ll do it on another project instead.

Another thing we did that wasn’t in the instructions was putting some interfacing on the cuff of the sleeves to make it more stable.  Also, when sewing down the lining so it’s not shifting all over the place, we had to do that to the cuff of the lining to the cuff of the coat.  That was missing from the instructions too.

When I got home, I had to finish a lot of hand sewing work.  Putting the buttons on was interesting.  They were HUGE buttons (1.5″), and mom showed me a trick to put a nail under the button so that there’s enough thread behind the button for some pull.  I also started hand sewing the lining on the ruffle down, but got too tired and headed to bed.

The next morning, I finished sewing the lining to the ruffle, and then sewed the lining of the coat down over the seam of the ruffle to make it look clean inside.  And lastly, I sewed the tab on in the back and the two larger buttons over it.

Overall, I think it was a good project.  The selection of the fabric was great, because it did keep my pretty warm.  Standing outside and waiting for the bus will test it against the wind.  I think the hardest thing for me on this project was dealing with the pleats in the collar.  Most everything else I probably could have figured out, but having mom’s guidance was definitely better than stumbling blindly through it!

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Lining and Last Minute Items Before Mom’s Tomorrow: McCall’s 5717

No pictures today, since the lining isn’t much to look at.  One of the things I have grown to regret about this project is although my mom and I found astoundingly great quality lining at an inexpensive price, it was not pink.  And because of it’s difference in color (kind of a creamy brown color and white [just for the arms]) I was constantly changing out my thread.  True, I could have just stuck with pink thread, but it made more sense to choose a color that was close to what I was sewing on. Changing thread so often made it pretty obnoxious.

Surprise!  There’s pleats in the lining of the back of the coat and on the collar that will be exposed.  I managed to figure out how to do the pleats on the lining, but the collar will have to wait until I get to mom’s tomorrow.

Also, I managed to sew together a couple more things that I won’t have to worry about tomorrow: getting the ruffle started and the tab that will be in the back.  And I will still need to pick up some buttons…

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Taking Shape: McCall’s 5717

I made a promise to myself to finish my coat by December, which happens to be on Tuesday.  Because of an engagement with friends on Monday, I don’t think will have time to work on it then, so my goal is to have it done Sunday instead — maybe even in time for church!

Anyhow, I worked on it most of today, and made a fair amount of progress.  Finally got the fashion fabric for the majority of the coat stitched together.  Hardest part was having to stop and hand sew a couple spots near the pockets. (Yes, I even found my zipper foot for my sewing machine and the fabric was still too bulky to go through the sewing machine).  So you can see it taking shape!  Sleeves are also stitched together, just not attached to the rest of the coat.  I have to hem them first before I attach them, and I think I’ll want some guidance from mom before I do that.  Also, I neglected to trim a lot of the extra fabric from seams on the inside, so I’ll need help with that too.

Things I learned today: Stay-stitching is at 1/2″ (or 4/8″).  I sewed mine at 5/8″ and ran into problems when I stitched pieces together and it didn’t quite cover all of the stay-stitching.

Also, make sure all your pieces are cut out!  When I was surveying the lining (which I’ll work on tomorrow), I was missing a piece from the front of the coat that we missed when we cut everything else out.  Fortunately, I had a just enough scrap lining left that I was able to cut that piece out.  Whew!

Things left to do: Sew up the lining, attach the sleeves, put in the piping while sewing the lining and fashion fabric together, put the “belt” in the back, and lastly, the cute ruffle hem.

Here’s a question for anyone who reads my blog and sews: Bobbins — which do you prefer, plastic or metal?

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Pockets!: McCall’s 5717

Since my last post, I haven’t sewed on my coat at all because I am a slacker who would rather sit in front of the TV and cross-stitch instead.  However, I did find the time at our November Craft Day to start the sewing process with the coat.  First steps were to put the pockets together.  It looks a little bulky right now, but I’ll have to press it to look nicer.  This section is considered the front side.  After taking this picture, I pinned the front part (which will be connected to the collar, and give that lapel look to the coat), and prepared to sew that.

Since the fabric is so thick, I had to baste together the top part to the pocket section.  Also, mom suggested using a zipper foot in order to sew over the bulky parts in the pockets… I just need to figure out what a zipper foot looks like and if I actually have one.  I’m just glad to finally be making some progress!

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